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Significance of Diwali

'Deepavali' or 'Diwali' is the 'festival of lights' where people of all ages and religion take part while adorning their homes and surroundings with lights. They invite their relatives and friends to their households that end up with bursting fire crackers and sumptuous food. They pay respect and attain to get health, wealth, knowledge, peace, courage and fame by lighting their homes by lighting 'diyas' or lamps.

The lighting has its own significance, from the ancient times; it brings knowledge that is the gift of God. It is through light the beauty of the world is revealed or experienced. Darkness is represented as the centre of evil and ignorance and a ray of light washes them away. Hence, to drive away all the evils like lust, anger, fear, greed, oppression and sufferings people decorate their households with lamps.