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Five Days of Diwali

The celebration of Diwali is not for one day but it lasts for five days and each day holds special significance.

Dhanteras – the first day:

The 13th lunar day of Krishna pakshya is known as Dhanwantari Trayodashi also popularly known as Dhanteras. It is believed that on this day Dhanwantari came out of the ocean for the welfare of humankind with his magical ayurveda. On this day people also worship Yama - the god of Death and light a 'Yama Diya' for him.

Choti Diwali - the second day:

This is also known as Narak Chaturdasi. It is the celebration of the death of Narakasur by Shri Krishna's wife Satyabhama. People get an oil massage and take a bath and those who don’t it is believed that they to Hell.

Bari Diwali or Laxmi Puja- the third day:

This is the main day of the celebration when people perform the Diwali puja (worshipping Laxmi and Ganesha). People clean their homes and decorate them with beautiful lights and rangoli. Later, at night they get together with their friends and families and burn fire crackers.

Govardhan Puja- the fourth day:

As per the legends, it is believed that to save the villagers of Gokula from rain and thunder storm Lord Krishna, worshipped Govardhana Mountain on this day. Hence, the tradition continues.

Bhai Dhooj- the fifth day:

This is the day when the sisters, pray for their brothers’ longer lives. According to the legends, on this day Yama (god of Death) went to his sister Yamuna and gave boon to all the sisters that if their brothers visit them on this day then, they will be freed from all their sins. Since then, the tradition exists. In Bengal, this day is known as 'Bhai fota'. It is the last day of the celebration.